Dress like a diva: Your ensemble is the most eye-catching aspect at any family gathering. Try traditional Indian attire with some voguish western infusions. Pair your Salwar Kameez with a long, embellished jacket or try out fashion-forward outfits that combine ghera dhoti pants or skirts with peplum tops.

Impress with arm candy: Bags, handbags and clutches complete your feminine flourish and also speak volumes about your attention to detail.  The box clutch is still in but with a new avatar. A more rectangular, sleeker clutch is what you should be seen with this year.

Strut in stylish shoes:
Nobody understands the love for beautiful shoes more than a woman. Simple stilettos with a little glittery panel, studded wedges or even embellished court shoes can go a long way in enhancing the overall appeal of your ensemble.

Mesmerize with the right make-up: Red or berry coloured lips and flushed cheeks are the perfect way to get that gorgeous glow on your face. Swap the regular metallic shades of gold and silver with bronze when it comes to eye shadow.

Captivate with your curls:
Soft curls and bohemian waves remain a favourite this festive season. If you want to give your hairstyle more of a twist, you can opt for the wavy ponytail. You could also go in for ombre (blending of one color hue to another) highlights for your curls.


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