Here we tell you things you should keep in mind before you start your car for a long distance journey:

The very first thing is to check if your car is in a good working condition. Ensure the car has enough petrol and water. Also check if the lights of the car are functional.

Abide by the lane discipline, as it is very important to follow the safety rules when driving on a highway.

Its easy to get tired while driving for long hours, but to ensure a safe journey you have to maintain a relaxed posture with your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheels.

Maintain your journey in a moderate speed, this saves you from getting tired and is also good for fuel efficiency. Do not be super fast or too slow when you drive.

Before you take off take care that the car is packed with spare tyres, petrol and jump cables.

Carry a route map, you may also use GPS or mobile app, but a paper map may be useful if the battery of your phone runs out.

Always carry ample water and food as you may get hungry on the way. Ensure you also pack a first aid box, hand wipes, sanitizers, and light blankets before you leave.

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