London: Relationships aren't always about mushy talk. Arguments do happen, but don't let them ruin the relationship with your partner. Accept that argument is a part of life and resolve it. Follow these tips to make your relationship healthy after an argument

Arguing is normal:
It's important to know that arguing with your partner is normal. If the argument is of reasonable amount, it can prove to be healthy for a relationship. But it shouldn't be a daily affair. If it happens frequently, it means something is wrong.

Work it out before sleeping: Don't leave an argument unresolved. Try to sort it out before going to bed. If you don't, you will feel angrier about the situation.

Never ignore it: Having an argument, leaving it unresolved and moving on with lives is not good for a relationship. Always address what caused the argument and how both of you feel about it.

Compromise is the keyword:
Compromise is the best thing to do to move past it. But it shouldn't be always you who is compromising. Make sure it is done by both of you.

Lay it to rest:
After resolving an argument, never bring it up. When you argue next time, don't go back to the past argument. Finish talking about it, if the two of you are happy with the settlement.


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