Mumbai: Monsoons may conjure up images of creaking furniture, smelly cupboards or damp sofas in your mind.
But there is little to be worried about if you take simple measures to monsoon-proof your house.

Here are some simple and practical tips to protect your furniture this monsoon:

The high humidity makes your sofas damp. Never use a wet cloth to clean your sofas or chairs. Instead, clean them with a soft and dry cloth. In case, you see fungal growth of your sofas, follow this simple step. Put a tablespoon of Dettol in a half a litre of tepid water. Dip a soft cloth into this liquid and rub the infected area with it.

•    Place a plastic sheet on your sofa before you place the sofa covers to protect the cushions. You can also use a plastic cover over your bed mattress.  Avoid placing your fine wooden furniture near the windows, as exposure to rain can be harmful.

•    Always keep a dehumidifier in your room if you have pieces of antique furniture.  Doing a pest control exercise before the rains is not a bad idea either. It will help you get rid of the termites, rodents, beetles, cockroaches and other insects.

•    Keep your wardrobes and cupboards at least six inches away from the walls as the latter are damp in the monsoons. Don't put your damp or semi-wet garments in them. Place a few naphthalene or camphor balls in your wardrobe as they will attract moisture. You can also use neem leaves or a few cloves. This will prevent fungus from settling into your wardrobe.

•    Have your fans fully on and keep your windows open as and when possible. Such cross ventilation will keep your home dry.

•    Put away your carpets for the monsoons.  If they are cotton ones, you can roll them and store away. But if they are made of more expensive stuff, add some silicon bags while rolling them. In case, you have to keep them, make sure that you don't step on them with wet feet.

•    Keep your drawers and kitchen cabinets well lubricated. This will reduce the friction associated with monsoons.

•    Those who have wrought iron furniture should coat them with anti-rust before the rains.  Then get them re-painted.  A regular coat of non-scented hair oil on your furniture will prevent them from rusting.

•    Fix a sturdy brass handle to your wooden door in the monsoons.  It will make it easier for you to open the door if the door gets jammed.

•    If you have garden chairs that are nylon webbed or painted metal, it's best to keep them indoors during the monsoons. It will prevent them from cracking or chipping of paint.

•    Those who have paintings at home can also use a dehumidifier to protect their canvases. 

Simple and easy

•    Keep your home as dry as possible. You can use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to do this. Make sure that there's enough cross ventilation in the house.

•    Place silicon packets near your gadgets to prevent moisture. Always check the electrical wiring in the house before the monsoons.

•    Avoid renovations during monsoons.

•    Make sure that you clean your floors everyday with phenyl or any other disinfectant.

(Courtesy: City Plus)