So, ensure that you select them with care and coordinate them perfectly with your wedding day outfit.

Wedding jewelry: Remember that the selection of jewelry has to be reflective of your personality and must compliment your ensemble. You should make sure that the jewelry piece you are selecting goes well with your dress – lehenga aur saari. Bridal wedding jewelry is not only necklace- rings, earrings, bangles, nose ring, ring bracelets are also considered in the same league. The Maang tikka also makes a bride stand out from the guests and it adds that extra bit to the entire look. These days’ people prefer to buy diamond jewelry as it accentuates the beauty of women. If you cannot afford to buy matching jewelry, the option of hiring is always available.

Wedding shoes: This has got to be one of the most overlooked accessories for the wedding day. While many of girls move from store to store in search of the perfect shoes for their ‘sangeet’ and reception, the wedding day shoes are often bought in haste. Girls must select their wedding shoes with due consideration, keeping in mind the color as well as style of your outfit. Also remember that you will be standing for a long duration of time, in the wedding. So, comfort is one aspect that you cannot simply afford to overlook while buying shoes for the wedding day. Try to avoid long heels and stilettos. You may try scouting for stylish shoes with the small heels artistically decorated with stones and straps.

Wedding bag: After jewelry and shoes, handbag is another important accessory for your wedding day. Since the Indian bride’s outfit is bright, rich in terms of colour, and heavy, so you need to buy a bag that goes with the overall look of opulence. If you do not like being too glitzy, opting for one in silver, golden or copper will be a good option. You can also choose a ‘potli’ or a clutch that is small, elegant, and can hold something larger and wider than a handkerchief. Bag should be big-enough to carry your basic things like your compact, lipstick, ‘kajal’ and tissues, mobile phone. Custom weaved bags embellished with stones also look exquisite with bridal outfits.

Hair accessories: Hair accessories give a bride an elegant look. You can go for flowers or hair jewelry or both. Make sure you try out the wedding hairstyle with the accessories at least once before the wedding to avoid any surprises. Ethnic choti with gold plating and colored stone to be worn with a parandi or a Punjabi gutt looks really well. Jewelled or beaded chains are modern version of the traditional bridal maang tikka that most young women prefer today. Young brides nowadays are also picking up trend of glittering hairbands. Jewelled hairpins can either be used to cover up last minute goof-ups or simply to add more style to your hairdo. Wear a tiara with a single line of crystals to make the simplest of hairstyles look stunning. A royal Mughal hair accessory, the paasa is no longer restricted only to traditional Muslim weddings. You can team a paasa in crystal or coloured stones with your traditional gold jewellery to create a fantastic fusion look.


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