The battery issue is a big time problem as majority of the apps and the internet keep draining it almost all the time. The lives have become totally dependent upon that little android device, and the charging point is what keep our lives in place.

Here, we bring you eight ways to keep that android breathing.

Keep the brightness low: The phone display is a big battery hogger. Make sure you keep the brightness low in order to keep that battery alive. Reducing the screen timeout time will surely add to your battery life.

Turn off the connectivity
: The 3G, 2G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc consume a lot of battery. Keeping these connectivity options off can save a battery for further use. In case of work, one can always switch to 2G rather than 3G to check on the battery.

Turn off the notifications: The all time popping whatsapp and twitter notifications absorb much of the battery as it keeps the system and network alive. Turning them off can be a good option if one is running out of battery on a long day.

Turn off the vibrations: It is a rare known thing but as the phone vibrates, it drains more battery then ever. Turning off the vibration as keep the phone alive for longer hours.

Black Wallpaper:
A black wallpaper consumes much less battery because of its dark pixels. Even the dark themes and settings consumes lesser battery.

Reboot your system once in a while: Knowing that there are unused applications running on your android, rebooting the system refreshes all the settings thus saving the battery.

Keep your phone cool: Just like a hot head absorbs more thoughts, likewise a hot phone consumes much more power. To get that android work some extra hours, make sure you keep your phone cool.

When nothing works, a fully charged extra power bank will surely save your life.