Here are five tips which will help you set strong passwords:

Keep your password inclusive of numbers, alphabets and symbols. Such combinations of password is always difficult and almost impossible to decipher.

Do not get inclined on keeping your password  as your own name or the names of your near and dear ones. It makes it predictable and obvious to great extent.

You can always be creative with keeping a password such a song, any song suffixed or prefixed by a brief complex set of numbers or symbols. This makes your password easy to remember and at the same time secures from hackers.

It's always a bad idea to set any important date such as your date of birth, wedding anniversary etc as your password. For someone who knows you would easily guess it and break into your account.

Passwords are never supposed to be 1234, abc, abc12345, qwerty or any other such figures. In less than a few attempts, a hacker may get hold of your password in no time.

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