The most common mistake people make during the festive season is to eat as much as they want and take a vacation from exercise, consequently ending up a few kilos heavier. The key is to eat whatever you want but watch your food at home and keep up with the exercise routine. So here we give you some effective strategies for you to follow this festive season:


1. You must make salads and soups a regular part of your regular meals. They are effective in keeping your weight in check

2. If you are already on a fitness programme, continue with it and step it up a notch. For those who haven't been exercising regularly, carve out 30 minutes five days a week for a brisk walk, a swim, cycling or aerobics

3. Keep an eye out for total calories consumed in the day. Take a step back when you are getting closer to your maximum caloric intake value.

4. When heading out to celebrate, don't step out in an empty stomach. Eat a small meal which contains some protein, good fats and fibre.

5. Low levels of hydration may encourage you to drink more of sweetened drinks when offered and High levels of hydration also give a feeling of satiety. Try foods that have lot of water content as they are filling and are low in calories, fats and sugars, such as chestnuts, green chana, germinated seeds, makhana.

6. Instead of having a full meal, eat small portions. Try to avoid sweets or fried food or just taste them.

7. Try to plan your day in advance. If you have an impending evening of celebrations then give one hour of exercise in the morning.

8. It is advisable to stick to a glass or two of red wine.

9. Don't stuff yourself silly with everything that is served. Mindful eating can help keep those kilos off.

10. Dry fruits and nuts are the best options when giving or receiving gifts. They won't stick to your belly like sweets and fried snacks.

11. Try and prepare healthy versions of your favourite sweets, with natural ingredients.


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