Add oodles of allure to your showering space with the following tips:

Trendy tiles: The most basic way of building a chic space for rejuvenation in your house is to get the tiling of your bathroom right. Using tiles in bright and peppy shades makes it look bigger. If you're seeking a warmer and cozier feel, go in for darker hues. You can also opt for digitally-printed tiles with natural motifs. But remember to choose a neutral colour tone for the rest of the accessories and fixtures to maintain a subtle and classy appeal.

Vibrant vignettes: Add vibrancy in specific spots of the bathroom for a perfect blend of minimalism and spunk. Paint one wall in a colour that stands out and then match all accessories to this shade, leaving the rest of the walls bare. You could also go in for patterned wallpaper or a tiled wall and complement the design with faucets and fixtures in the bathroom. This scheme can lend a truly artistic character to your bathing space.

Alluring accessories: Find an old tray in your house, dress it up with a pretty runner and place all your bathing accessories and beauty products on it. Keep it in a spot where it grabs maximum attention. Candles are another inexpensive ways of blending in blissful charm in the bathroom. To complete the ambience of sophistication, place a stylish potted plant in one corner of bathroom.

Stylish seats:
If the space in your bathroom allows, you should definitely add tufted Ottomans and Baroque-style chairs. Stylish seating truly sets  apart a luxury bathroom from a regular one.


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