Putting plug on speculation of holding the rein of Uttar Pradesh, the unanimous ratification of the Samajwadi Party for catapulting Akhilesh Yadav, fondly called Tipu who has emerged a Sultan of heartland politics, springs surprise and has inked a new chapter for turning around the image of the state which has earned the epithet of badland for lawlessness and misgovernance. During the elections or even till the time of the third-fourth phase of polling, it wasn’t clear that the SP would come to power with a thumping majority. Neither was Akhilesh’s name being strongly promoted by the party as the chief ministerial candidate. It was only during the last phase of polling that the media realised Akhilesh’s contribution to the party but the truth is that Akhilesh was the man behind all important decisions right from selecting the candidates to planning for campaigns and preparing the manifesto of the party. Akhilesh, during the campaigning, broke all stereo types and refrained from taking pot shots at his rivals, rather his focus was to reach out to the people. He tried to connect with each and every section of the society thereby creating a different image of the party.The decision of keeping strongmen at bay also paid off for Akhilesh. Though it is after the elections that Akhilesh is being projected as the man behind SP’s victory but the fact remains that he was appointed as the president of party’s UP unit way back in 2009.  In spite of all the adverse conditions Akhiles in a short span of 2 years overhauled the party image which was nothing less than a miracle. Akhilesh is not special only because he will become the youngest Chief Minister of the state but also for taking the party to a new height.

Akhilesh becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh will be considered as an important incident in national politics as it will infuse a new strength in the younger generation of the country looking to join politics. This becomes more relevant as a large population of the country consists of youngsters but their participation in politics is minimal due to lack of opportunities. There is no doubt that Akhilesh after becoming the Chief Minister will have several hurdles to cross. Therefore he should encash the experiences of party veterans and his family. The senior party leaders must also instill faith in the young leader and let him take his own decisions in shaping the future of the state. Though Akhilesh lacks political experience, his determination and decision making abilities are encouraging as the party needs to break away from the shackles of old traditions in order to bring about a change in Uttar Pradesh.