According to reports, not only the design but the facility of Titanic-II is exactly similar to that of old Titanic. Third class passenger section has also been made but Palmer is unsure that whether he would get any passenger for third class cabins for the ship's maiden commercial voyage from Southampton to New York in 2017.

But the businessman is going ahead and using his marketing strategies to get over hundreds of passengers for third class cabin.

Clive Palmer had announced in 2012 that he is would build Titanic 2 in 2012. It is well known that Titanic cruise sunk in 100 years ago in Atlantic which claimed 1,517 lives. Lack of life boats in the ship was reason behind such a large number of deaths.

As per reports, Titanic II will be equipped with air conditioning, helipad, hospitals, swimming pools, Turkish baths, smoking rooms, Millionaire suite, Chart room, Gym, Casino, cinema, shopping area and Titanic Master Captain’s quarters but there will be no television and internet connectivity.  The ship is being built by CSC Jingling Shipyard.


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