Urging PM Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah to take lessons from the Bihar polls, senior TMC leader Sultan Ahmed today said that the victory for the Grand Alliance had also shown that 'politics of hatred, intolerance and polarisation' will no longer bear results in Indian politics.
The Prime Minister must also speak out against the 'loud mouths' in his party and RSS who are making provocative statements, said Lok Sabha MP Ahmed.

'The Bihar results have shown that the politics of hatred, intolerance and polarisation have no place in Indian politics. PM Modi and Amit Shah should take a lesson from the results and shed their arrogance of power," Ahmed said.
'It's high-time for PM Modi to deliver on his promises or else BJP will lose each and every poll henceforth. Bihar has taught them a lesson,' he added. Continuing with his potshots, Ahmed said that Diwali has this year come early for the people of India due to the 'defeat of communal forces'.
He said that politicians should present themselves in a humble way in a country like India.    'BJP in Bengal had said 'Bhaag Mamata Bhaag'. Now it is 'Bhaag BJP Bhaag'. Politicians should behave in a humble way like Mamata Banerjee.
'People of India hate arrogance and every time politicians or political parties try to show arrogance, they will be shown the door by the people of India. Bihar is a living example,'Ahmed cited.

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