"He has no moral right to continue as the chief of the human rights panel. What he did is a big blot to the judicial system of the country and a person who himself is an accused should not be allowed to determine about others' rights," said Trinamool MP Kalyan Banerjee.

A three-member panel that probed the charge of sexual harassment of a law intern by a Supreme Court judge has identified Justice Ganguly as the judge.

Justice Ganguly, who retired earlier this year, has denied the allegations.

The Mamata Banerjee-led TMC government and the West Bengal Human Rights Commission do not share a cordial relationship. Besides making several recommendations against it, Justice Ganguly has been vociferous in deriding the Banerjee regime over several issues, including the rising crime in West Bengal.

In turn, the state government has been seeking clarifications regarding Justice Ganguly's trip to Pakistan earlier this year.

“What kind of a question is this?"

As soon as his name became public, Justice Ganguly expressed ‘shock’ over the allegation and said that he is ‘shattered’.

When media persons sought his comments on the allegation, Justice Ganguly said "I will not say anything. What kind of a question is this?"

"I am denying everything. I have told the committee that all the allegations levelled by the intern are wrong. I don't know how such allegations have been levelled against me," he said.
The former Supreme Court judge was giving his reaction after it was also officially disclosed that the apex court appointed panel probing into alleged sexual harassment charges levelled by the law intern has submitted its report to the Chief Justice of India.

"I totally deny the allegations. I am a victim of situations," Justice Ganguly told television channels.
"I am not ashamed of anything," he said in reply to a question in regard to the alleged episode which came out in public domain after the intern spoke about in a legal portal earlier this month.
Justice Ganguly said that the charges against him are totally wrong.

“The girl had not raised any sexual harassment issue with him,” he said, and added that he had not done any physical harm to her.
The former Supreme Court judge said that the intern came in the place of another intern, who had gone abroad after marriage.

"I never put up a poster.  She came on her own,” he said.
He said that the girl had come to his house on a number of occasions in connection with the work.

Justice Ganguly refused to say whether he would resign as chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission.


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