Mamata also said that the Trinamool Congress is the only alternative for the country.
"Our fight is against BJP, our fight is against Congress, our fight is against CPI-M. Our fight is also against corruption," she said at the rally which saw lakhs of people converging at the sprawling Brigade Parade Ground.

Congress, BJP, CPI-M will be routed in LS polls: Mamata
"We do not want a government which encourages riots. Bengal will show the way to India in the coming days," she said.
She called for defeating her arch rival CPI-M and also bringing the Congress hands down.
Claiming that Trinamool Congress is the only alternative, she said, "BJP is not an alternative to the Congress. Congress is not an alternative to BJP. We also don't want a monarchy.”
She said, "A federal front should be formed. We want a change (in government) in Delhi. We are giving a call from Bengal for change."

Congress, CPI-M ridicule Mamata's Delhi ambitions

Claiming that the Trinamool Congress would play a decisive role in the formation of a government after the Lok Sabha election, Mamata Banerjee said, "We have to win as many as seats from Bengal to ensure that Bengal plays a key role."
Referring to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's clarion war cry 'dilli chalo', the West Bengal Chief Minister repeatedly gave 'Delhi chalo' calls.
Riding high on the back-to-back massive victories of her party in the recent Panchayat and municipal elections, she said, "There is no room for complacency.
"There is no room for overconfidence and underestimate (opponents). We have to win all the Lok Sabha seats (Bengal has 42 seats). I do not want a chair. I want to serve the people," she said.
"We want removal of corruption and to save the country. We want an united India. We want a government which works for harmony and integrity," Banerjee, said amid cheers.
Attacking the Centre for price rise and corruption, she said, "Our fight is against corruption. Our fight is against price rise. Our fight is for unity, integrity and communal harmony. We want to establish a government for the welfare of the people."
Pointing to the vast sea of humanity, Mamata said, "Today's rally is not only historic, it proves that Bengal will once again lead the country. What Bengal things, India thinks tomorrow."
"I am told by Mukul Roy (the party general secretary) that 20 to 25 lakh people have come here to attend the rally. We will hold another rally at the Brigade after winning the coming Lok Sabha elections," she added.
The metropolis came to a standstill with traffic thrown out of gear as lakhs of people gathered at the Brigade Parade Ground.
Banerjee said, "TMC would contest various seats across the country and she would personally campaign.”


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