London: A toddler, who survived a car crash horror, was taken to a morgue in a body bag before doctors realised that he was actually breathing.

Eisa Hayat was the only survivor of the car accident that took the lives of five members of the then one-year-old's British family on a pilgrimage to Mecca, reported a website.

Doctors in Saudi Arabia saw the toddler moving in the bag just before they were about to put him into a cold storage locker. Eisa, who was taken to hospital following the incident in February, has now made a full recovery.
His great-uncle Shazada Hayat said that the doctors thought that the little baby was dead as no-one could've survived that.

Eisa, who has since turned two, set out with relatives from Newport, South Wales, for the religious journey. He lost his father Isshaq, pregnant mother Bilques, two of his grandparents and an aunt when the driver fell asleep and hit a bridge.

Eisa was treated for a dislocated shoulder plus a broken arm and ribs, and is now being raised by relatives.


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