The offer was made by a team of Tokyo University that visited Super 30 here to have face-to-face interaction with students and the maths wizard. Super 30 is an innovative idea of Anand Kumar in which 30 selected students from underprivileged section of the society are provided free boarding and education to prepare them for entrance in IITs of whom 28 qualified this year.

Jonathan Woodward, Project Associate Professor, Takako Hayashi, Project Officer the Undergraduate Admission office and Hiroshi Yoshino, Director, the University of Tokyo India operation were part of the visiting team.
Woodward told reporters that attracted by "remarkable" performance of Super 30 they have come here to have a tie up with the group. Takaka Hayashi, Project Officer of the Tokyo University, said that the offer to free education to two students of Super 30, including one girl, is part of efforts to boost presence of overseas students from India in the University in particular and Japan in general.
Besides, offer of scholarship for two students of Super 30, CGC group of companies of Japan, a chain of 220 companies and more than 3000 stores, has already announced to finance two students from Super 30 in Tokyo University and elsewhere.

Hayashi said currently Japan has only 1.4 lakh overseas students out of which India contributes only 500. Similarly, University of Tokyo has only 42 students from India. "We want to increase number of students from India to University of Tokyo to 100 next year and target to attract 3 lakh overseas students to Japan," he said.

Anand Kumar's rare feat has drawn praise from Japan in the past. Yoichi Itoh, Chief Economist STB Research Institute made a film on Super 30 for NHK channel. Japan's Amazon TV also made a film on the group.
The discovery implies that carbon dioxide and water ice might be present within other near-Earth asteroids, as well, researchers said.
It also may have implications for the origins of water on Earth as comets may be the source of at least some of it, and the amount on Don Quixote represents about 100 billion tons of water,
roughly the same amount that can be found in Lake Tahoe.


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