"Gates are yet to be installed on Sardar Sarovar dam. Only after gates are installed, the dam will be filled with water. I have met Prime Minister many times and told him that installation of gates would take three years. Allow us to install it. And questions related to closing of gates or operating them can be dealt with later," Modi said.
"PM said this is a good suggestion. When I met him again and raised the same question, he replied `is the installation not yet over?" Modi said.
Modi, BJP's prime ministerial candidate, was in Kevadia to lay the foundation stone of Sardar Patel's statue.
"Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat, the states which were to undertake rehabilitation work under the monitoring of a judge, have completed it.
"The sub-committee of R&R appointed by the central government has also accepted the R&R operations. Now, the only thing that remains is to hold a meeting and give the final order on installation. This is hanging fire for the last eight to nine months," he alleged.
"You know why the work has not been done. You know the reason and I am not saying it again," he said, suggesting that Centre was biased against Gujarat.
"I am standing here on mother Narmada's land and urging you (the Prime Minister) to allow us to complete the work. Rajasthan and Gujarat require water and Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra require electricity," Modi said.


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