"I am not happy with the kind of debate in the assembly. There are two parts to it. The Opposition and ruling (benches), both are different sides of the same coin. The coin of democracy has two faces. The voice of the Opposition has to be heard and it is the Opposition's right to point out mistakes of the government," Wagh said.

"The Opposition can pick up faults. The ruling (party) should also respect the Opposition's right to pin point those mistakes. This tolerance off late has diminished," he said. The BJP legislator was recently elected to the post of Deputy Speaker during the winter session of Goa assembly. The post fell vacant after Wagh's predecessor Anant Shet resigned to successfully contest as a Speaker.

Wagh cited the tolerance has to be shown by both the sides – ruling and opposition. "Some of the opposition member come only to make commotion in the House while some ruling parties make their floor management in such a way, the moment opposition opens the mouth, their shouting brigade starts creating the problem.

This is unfair. You should quietly listen to the debate," he commented. The Deputy Speaker said the impact of happenings in Lok Sabha, which are usually marred with disruptions, is also felt on Assembly in Goa.

"The legislators see that those who are making noise get more attention in newspapers while somebody who comes with detailed research does not find place," he said.

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