Gurgaon: In a shocking incident, an attendant at a toll tax plaza on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway was shot dead on Thursday midnight for demanding road tax from a vehicle.

The gruesome act was captured on the CCTV camera installed inside the toll booth. The toll attendant is seen speaking to the occupants of the SUV standing outside the booth.

The camera captured the attendant being shot by the assailants of the Bolero car before they fled away. However, the position of the camera was such that it could not capture the face of the assailants and the registration number of the vehicle.

On showing a pass by the bolero driver, the toll tax attendant had asked for their ID, on which the bolero driver shot him and fled towards Manesar.

Though the assailants who are likely to be from one of the villages near the toll plaza, police has been unable to identify them as yet.

The victim Umesh Kant Pandey, 26, was from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. On Thursday night he was deployed at Khirki-Daula open toll plaza at cabin number 11.

Normally, police PCR is deployed at the toll but at the time of the incident there was none.

DSC company spokesperson Sunil Kumar said they are co-operating with the police in investigation.