London: Tom Cruise is following in the footsteps of his Beverly Hills neighbour David Beckham by buying a mansion on the island of Malta.

However, the 'Mission Impossible' star has set estate agents a daunting task because he wants a living room that measures 2,000sq ft, Daily Express reported.

 "Tom always wants to buy a new property to his exact specifications, even if that entails knocking down a few walls," a source said.

Cruise, 49, fell in love with the island last year when he visited Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who were renting Guarena Palace - an 18th-century fortress-like villa in Qrendi, while Pitt was filming 'World War Z'.

"Malta could turn out to be the location for two sci-fi thrillers Tom is planning to shoot this year including 'We Mortals Are'," the source added.