Mumbai: When the hero and the heroine of yesteryear films kissed, two flowers artfully concealed their intimate moment. Looks like in the present times, tomatoes have replaced the roses. And who’d know that better than Richa Chadha and her co-star Nikhil Dwivedi!

Buzz is that the two actors can barely stand each other’s company. And given that Richa and Nikhil had to shoot for an intimate scene in their upcoming film, the film’s makers decided to invest in some tomatoes. Our source says, “Directed by Bharat Ratan, the film is based on the underworld love story of Abu Salem and Monica Bedi and has Nikhil and Richa playing lovers. And during a lovemaking scene, the actress simply refused to let Nikhil get too cozy with her.

After several takes that couldn’t capture the essence, the filmmaker had to find another way. In the end, tomatoes were bought in to make the scene as romantic as possible without the actors getting too close to each other!” A crewmember states that Richa initially had apprehensions about shooting the sequence. But when the idea of having tomatoes on the sets was explained to her, she promptly agreed.  “It was the first time that she was doing an intimate scene.

She wanted to make sure that the scene was shot aesthetically. But since the intimate sequence wasn’t happening as per the director’s vision, he decided to shoot with tomatoes as props. This way, the two actors frolicked around, without having to get too close to each other,” the source adds. Interestingly, the production team had to rush out and buy sacks of tomatoes from a wholesale vegetable vendor after which the shot was wrapped up in a day.


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