1. Hong Kong

Speed: 54.1 Mbps

The hyper-dense Hong Kong continues to dominate the field of super-fast internet access. The average speed in Hong Kong is 54.1 megabits per second making it number one on the list.

2. Japan

Speed: 50 Mbps

The country's electronics industry may be losing its edge, but Japan's telecommunications technology is still on top of its agenda. Japanese connections reached 50 megabits per second on average.

3. South Korea

Speed: 48.8 Mbps

The average peak connection in South Korea is 48.8 megabits per second and broadband is also relatively cheap in the country. People in Seoul are charged USD 32 per month for 100 megabit-per-second lines.

4. Romania

Speed: 47.9 Mbps

With an average peak speed of 47.9 megabits per second, Romania remains at fourth spot in the list. The speed is 160 percent faster than the global average.

5. Latvia

Speed: 44.2 Mbps

It seems that smaller countries enjoy high-speed internet in comparison to bigger nations. Latvia consistently ranks high on this list and have an average peak broadband speed at 44.2 Mbps. The speed is about 140 percent faster than the global average.

6. Singapore

Speed: 41.1 Mbps

With an average of 41.1 megabits per second, Singapore remains at number seven in the list.

7. Switzerland

Speed: 40.3 Mbps

Switzerland is a major hub for the finance industry which is supported by the high-speed internet connectivity. The nation has an average speed of 40.3 megabits per second.

8. Netherlands

Speed: 38.2 Mbps

The Netherlands managed to land in eighth place with an average peak broadband speed of 38.2 Mbps.

9. Belgium

Speed: 38 Mbps

Belgium Internet connections peaked at an average of 38 megabits per second placing it at ninth spot in the list.

10. USA

Speed: 36.6 Mbps

The United States of America have an average speed of 36.6 Mbps which places it at tenth spot on the list.


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