Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj double murder case
Sensational Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj double murder case created a storm and made it to the headlines on 16th May, 2008 when a 9th class girl from DPS Noida was found dead. The body of domestic help Hemraj was also found in her house at Noida. She was the adopted child of well known dentist couple, Dr Rajesh and Dr Nupur Talwar. Initially, the family accused Hemraj of the murder. But when his body was found, the blame was shifted on the parents who are currently in jail.

Jessica Lal murder case
Model Jessica Lal was working as a celebrity barmaid in a society party held at a bar in Mehrauli on 30th April 1999. She was approached by Manu Sharma, son of Congress leader Vinod Sharma. He along with his friends in the party offered a Rs 1000 note and asked for more liquor. When she denied and explained him the rule that they weren't allowed to sell the alcohol after 12:30 AM, he shot her dead in the head to avenge his fury. Vinod Sharma tried his best to save his son but due to the media attention the case got countrywide support. Manu Sharma was awarded with life imprisonment.  

Priyadarshini Matttoo
Priyadarshini Mattoo, who was a talented law student, found dead on 23rd January, 1996 at her uncle's residence in New Delhi. Priyadarshini's senior Santosh Kumar Singh, who had been stalking and harassing her for years, was made main accused. Later it was revealed that Santosh Singh, the son of an influential IPS officer, strangulated her by wrapping an electric wire around her neck. He smacked her face many times with a helmet that made her face unrecognisable. Delhi High Court on 30th October, 2006 sentenced him to death which was later converted into life imprisonment by the Supreme Court.  

Neeraj Grover murder case
This murder mystery revolves around three names, Neeraj Grover, the victim who was an employee of a Mumbai based production house, a struggling Kannada actress, Maria Susairaj and her boyfriend Lieutenant ML Jerome Mathew, a Navy officer posted in Kochi. Maria was planning to shift to a new house in Malad and Neeraj had volunteered to help her. And the same night, Mathew called his girlfriend Maria and got furious after she told him Neeraj is helping her to settle in. Enraged Mathew reached Maria's flat the very next morning and he and Neeraj entered into an argument. Mathew stabbed Neeraj with a kitchen knife and chopped the body into more than 300 pieces and stuffed them into a bag.

Shivani Bhatnagar murder case
Shivani Bhatnagar, a former journalist of Indian Express was found dead in her apartment at IP Extension in New Delhi on 23rd January, 1999. While investigating, police found that she was working on a case that had its roots in the Indian politics. 1976-batch Haryana cadre IPS officer Ravi Kant Sharma was made accused as the prime suspect. He surrendered to the police on September 27, 2002 after escaping from the police for three years.

Naina Sahni Tandoor murder case
Naina Sahni murder case is also known as 'Tandoor case' which had  an ugly love story of romance, hate, betrayal and murder. Former Congress worker Naina Sahani married to Delhi Youth Congress president Sushil Sharma who objected to her friendship with Matloob Karim, Naina's classmate and fellow party worker. On the night of 2nd July, 1995, Sushil came home and saw Naina talking on the phone. After snatching the phone, he redialed the number and found Matloob on the other side. Enraged Sushil fatally shot his wife Naina who died on the spot. Sharma wrapped her body in a blanket and took it to the restaurant that he was running on lease. He chopped it into small pieces and stuffed it into the tandoor to burn the body in the clay oven. He surrendered on 10th July pleading innocence which wasn't accepted and he was sentenced to death on November 7, 2003.

Chandrashekhar Prasad murder case
Chandrashekhar Prasad, an iconic leader at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, was seen as an emerging politician of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist). Chandrashekhar was killed on 31st March, 1997 barbarically in wee hours in Siwan, Bihar. The reason behind his brutal murder was accounted to his immense popularity as a leader amongst people. His killing generated a nationwide outrage and protest led by students across the nation. But the police are yet to find Chandrashekhar's murderers. 

Rizwanur Rahman murder case
This murder riddle is dramatic and has elements of love and separation. Rizwanur Rehman was a middle-class computer graphic trainer, who fell in love with Priyanka Todi, daughter of the noted industrialist Ashok Todi who heads Lux Hosiery Group and later married her. Priyanka'a family and especially her father was extremely disappointed by her daughter’s decision to marry Rizwanur. Ashok Todi tried to persuade the cops and asked them to separate the couple. Rizwanur was forced to send his wife Priyanka to her father's home and later wasn't allowed to talk to her. On 21st September 2007, his body was recovered from railway track in Kolkata. The incident was brushed aside as a case of suicide. His brother had put in a lot of efforts for the justice but due to the lack of evidence against the suspects.

Nitish Katara murder case

Nitish Katara, a 24-year-old alumni of Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad was brutally murdered by Vikas and Vishal Yadav. Nitish Katara was in a long 5-year relationship with Bharti Yadav, daughter of D P Yadav, ill-famed criminal-turned-politician. On the night of 16 February, 2002, in a wedding ceremony, Bharti’s brother Vishal and cousin Vikas took Nitish away in their SUV car, beat him to death and later set his body to fire. The murder was accounted to the case of honour killing, as the family was not ready to accept the relationship.

Amar Singh Chamkila murder case
Amar Singh Chamkila was a noted Punjabi singer famous for his live stage performances and unparalleled lyrical mastery. He was married to Amarjot Singh who was also a singer by profession. On 8th March, 1988 Amar Singh Chamkila was killed by unidentified persons in Mehsampur, Punjab.

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