Delhi is one of the prime hubs for street food lovers. Chandni Chowk area in old Delhi is known as the food capital of India. While you explore the streets of Chandni Chowk, you surely cannot miss the paranthevalas, halwais and chaatvaalas.

If you are a foodie and want to try the best of scrumptious street food in Delhi, you must not miss the following options:

Authentic and real taste of street food lies in the chaat which is a perfect mixture of crispy potatoes, tangy flavoured spices, chickpeas and curd. If you are hungry and want to treat your taste buds with different flavours, chat is the best option available for you. You can find delicious chaat at bigger outlets as well as smaller carts in the national capital.

Gol Gappa:  It is made up of whole wheat or even sooji flour and round in shape. The hollow bombshell full of spicy water explodes in your mouth even before you can realize what all just happened. The best part of Gol Gappa is that the more you eat the more you crave for it. The well known street food of Delhi cannot be missed at any cost.

Dahi Bhalla:
Dahi Bhalla is an all time best appetizer available  for the foodies. When the perfect blend of soft creamy dumblings made out of pulse is dipped in pure white whipped curd and spicy tamarind chutney, it leaves your mouth with a sweet and salty flavour. If you want to enjoy the real feel of street food, then must try the delecious dahi bhalla.

Chole Bhature:
Chole bhature is an authentic Punjabi dish which has spread its wings accross the cities of India. Delhi is the perfect place where you can find the chole bhature.  You can eat it for breakfast or even as snacks. It is a perfect combination of exotic chole masala with a crispy bhatura served with fresh onion rings and pickles.

An exotic and scrumptious platter of kebabs is a must to try street food. The tasty grilled chunks of meat or fish marinated in authentic indian spices will further boost your taste buds for good food. Kebabs are widely available in the city from top street side shops to the thellavallas. If you want to do justice to your stomach as a foodie then the Kebab is a must to have.

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