Nothing beats the winter chill better than a hot cup of tea with hot pakoras. The dish is almost the top-most favorite of all Indians, mostly enjoyed in winters.

Gajar Halwa:
Gazar Halwa is one another winter-comfort food that is enjoyed this season. Made with fresh winter-seasoned vegetable- carrots, milk and sugar, this desert is probably the favorite of every Indian.


Steaming Tomato Soup:
Healthy, hearty steaming rich tomato soup is ideal for staying warm all winter. And the added bonus is that it does not put on the winter weight!

Hot syrupy Gulab Jamun
These syrupy Gulab Jamuns when served hot gives much warmth to inner-body to fight the winter. This desert is yet another delicacy that is enjoyed in the season.

Hot Masala Corns:
This smokey hot dish is relished most in winters. Masala Corns is basically a Indian roadside snack that also increases the ability of your digestive system.