The widely used automobile brands like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Ford are Indian favourites but few top models have failed to perform in the New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) test.

Here is a list of top five widely used cars in India which failed crash test

1. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800: One of the milestones of Maruti Suzuki after Maruti Suzuki 800, Alto is a widely used and popular car in India. The family car of Indians have actually failed the crash test leaving many shocked.

2. Volkswagen Polo: Polo is Volkwagen's only hatchback car in the Indian market. The car attracts people mainly due to its brand and its hatchback facility which makes it comfortable to load or unload luggage.

3. Hyundai i10: With its innovative design and new looks, Hyundai i10 was mainly produced for Indian markets. As a newcomer in the market, Hyundai i10 was well recieved by the Indian buyers. Later, it came as a shock to many that it failed international car safety measures and crash test.


4. Ford Figo: Ford Figo is manufactured in Chennai and mainly sold in developing countries. This car is based on small car ideology and the name 'Figo' means 'cool' in Italian. Although Ford Figo performed better than many others, it failed to pass the crash test.

5. Tato Nano: The budget friendly four wheeler from Tata initiated a 'car for everyone' idea in the Indian markets. Tata Nano not only lacked  in design and features compared to others but also failed to pass the crash test.

Source: autocar, globalncap, wikipedia

Arya Lakshmi/JPN