Major General Huang Xing, the former head of the research guidance department at the Chinese Academy of Military Science, was detained for "serious disciplinary violations" earlier this year, a phrase often used by the Communist Party to refer to alleged corruption.
He was among the 14 generals who have been detained over the last two months for alleged graft or related crimes.

Huang's chief offence was violating military discipline by allegedly leaking state secrets to rebels in the Kokang region of northern Myanmar during fighting in the Southeast Asian nation in 2009, Hong-Kong based South China Post quoted Chinese officials as saying.
The main rebel force in Kokang is the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MDAA) who are ethnic Chinese and once formed part of Communist Party forces in the region.
The MDAA, led by ethnic Chinese commander Peng Jiasheng, has reached a peace accord with the Myanmar government which lasted until 2009 but again resurfaced recently prompting Myanmar to seek Chinese assistance to put it down.
The conflict also resulted in several thousand refugees to take shelter in China.

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