We often come across some heart touching stories of human-dog bonds. Dog owners are crazy about their pets and can go to any extent for their comfort. Although dogs are good guards, sometimes they too lose their temperament.

Training dogs at an earlier stage becomes very important to tame them for better socialisation and intelligent actions. To keep the residents safe, a few dog breeds have been prohibited across the globe as they fall under the 'dangerous dog breeds' category.

Check this list of top five dangerous dog breeds before you opt out for your pet.

1. Cane Corso: An Italian guard dog, Cane Coroso's previous breeds like Canis Pugnax were used in Roman wars. Coroso has to be trained as a puppy to socialise with family because it becomes very difficult to control its temper. Termed as dangerous by Bermuda islands, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Cane Coroso is one of the scariest dogs.

2. Neapolitan Mastiff: The huge dog mainly is used for guarding. It is self thinker which is both good and bad. Only with proper training, one can keep this dog at home as it's known for its fierce attacks on strangers. This breed is banned in many European countries.

3. Tosa Inu: It is a Japanese dog breed which is found rarely. It's fighter dog and is mainly owned in countryside. It attacks silently and doesn't make much growling sound. This breed of dog is banned in Denmark, Spain, briatin, France, Italy and many other countries.

4. American Bulldog: It is a working dog breed. American Bulldog has a strong built and a muscular body. This dog is usually not aggressive but is infamous for attacking a toddler in UK. This dog is prohibited in USA, Singapore, Ukraine, Italy and many other countries.

5. Dogo Argentino: This is an Argentine breed dog mainly used for wild hunting. It can be trained to reduce its temperament and adjust well with kids. This breed is banned in UK, Spain, Italy, Romania, Israel and many other countries.

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