Well, if you are also truly, madly, deeply in love with food, then  we bring you some must try dishes of Delhi, that will offer a real treat to your tastebuds. Take a look:

1. Chole Bhature: It is one of the most favourite dishes that can be found in grandeur restaurants to the street stalls in small gali mohallas. The spicy and delicious treat is easily found in  menu list of every eatery. So, go ahead and do try the mouth-watering dish.

2. Biryani: Biryani can be termed as real food heritage of Delhi as it is being served in the city since Mughal era. Biryani, also the favourite dish of the Mughal emperors, is meat-based dish which is prepared in an earthen pot. The lid is sealed with dough so that the spices, flavours and aromas are soaked in. Do try the scrumptious dish.

3. Momos: Momos is also one of the most loved dishes of the city. It makes space in plates everywhere be it office complexes, birthdays or even cocktail parties. It is easily available at streets, residential area and market place. The tasty dumplings are available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and are enjoyed with the fiery-red sauce.

4. Chaat: Chaat is known for its spicy, sour and mild sweet taste. It is available in many varieties. Chaat gives mix taste of spice and sour. This mouth-watering dish can be found at any street in the national capital specially in Old Delhi area.

5. Butter Chicken: There are some old restaurants that serve butter chicken.  Moti Mahal Restaurant, Daryaganj started preparing butter chicken in 50's. Tandoori Chicken is another variety of chicken easily available in Delhi.

6. Paranthas: Paranthas are common dish of Delhi food spots. There is a place in Old Delhi called 'paranthe wali gali'. This place is popular for serving variety of paranthas. Paranthas with potatoe, cauliflower, radish, egg, keema and bananas are available here.

7. Kebabs: The national capital has a special dish to serve non veg lovers. Grilled chunks of meat or fish marinated in aromatic spices will never allow you to forget its taste.

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