Here are the top five ways in which you can save yourselves the impending dangers of cellphone radiation.

Use speaker or headset: While taking a call, try to not put the phone directly against your ear. Instead, choose a wireless or a wired speaker or headset to take a call.

Hold the phone away from your body: Keeping the phone very close to the body can make your body susceptible to a lot of damage occurring as a result of exposure to the radiation.

Do not keep phone under the pillow: If you have to keep your phone under your pillow at night, make sure that you either switch it off or put it on airplane mode. Putting the cellphone on 'airplane mode' cuts off all the wireless transmissions from the device, thus stopping all the radiation.

Text more and talk less: Phones emit far less radiation compared with voice communications. So, try to text more and talk less.

Make call when signal is strong: When you make a call when there are fewer signal bars on the phone’s screen, your phone will have to try harder to broadcast the signal. According to research, radiation exposure increases significantly when the signals of the cellphone are weak.


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