Here are the answers to some of the common queries related to top blowout trends for fall.

* What are the top trends for blowouts this season?

- Texture! Lots of layered waves brought into pieces. Some of it is a bohemian wave with a more polished finish, also known as mermaid waves. Super sleek or undone and dishevelled ballerina buns and deep side parts are very on-trend right now.

* How can a person effectively communicate what they would like do with their blowouts?

- Bring in a photo. Words like texture, wave and curl can mean different things to different people! Make sure you have prepared yourself by looking at pictures for inspiration and really think about what you want the end result to be. Hand gestures when explaining your desired style also help!

* Is there anything that a person should not do before a blowouts appointment?

- Avoid pre-washing and putting in product beforehand. It gives the stylist a better understanding of what your hair needs if your hair is fresh before the blowouts. If there is a product you love, bring it in for the stylist to apply in your hair. The client should not wash their hair the day of an up-do appointment. If you want your hair done in an up-do (for a wedding or other special event) day old hair is ideal.

* Any other tips you may have?

- Avoid over washing your hair, use products like dry shampoos and texturising powders instead! Invest in a good shower cap as well as a silk or satin pillowcase! Use finishing products like serums and anti humidity sprays to help keep the frizzies under control on those humid or rainy days!

Sleep with hair loosely piled on top of your head, secure with a few pins, this will keep your volume at the roots and prevent your ends from getting frizzy and tangled while you sleep. Deep conditioning treatments are a must if you want to keep your hair looking fresh, glossy and static-free during the cold winter months!


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