Looking gorgeous round the clock is desire of every woman but excess make-up can turn you awful. Applying make-up is not everybody’s cup of tea. Unaware of these necessary rules, we usually commit several beauty blunders while applying make-up. Here Sakhi brings to you some necessary ‘Don’ts’ that you must not forget while beatifying yourself next time.

1 Mistake: Applying too much bronzer

Rule: Do not apply bronzer all over your face. Too much bronzer will make you look more golden other than giving you a sexy dusky look.

What to do?

Apply dark bronzer under your cheek bones. If you have lighter shades, use it above your cheek bones and under the nose area. Don’t forget to use correct bronzer shades that matches your natural skin tone.

Choose bronzer the same way you choose shades of foundation. Never choose a bronzer that is darker than your skin tone.

2 Mistake: sticky lips

Rule: To avoid this, use mega shine lip-gloss.

What to do?

Do not apply too much lip-gloss as it has the tendency to wear off, smear, or migrate outside of your lip line. Remove those extra glosses by tissue paper. The best way to apply lip-gloss is to start from the center of your top lip and then go to both the corners. Then apply on the bottom lip in the same manner.

3 Mistake: cakey face

Rule: Do not apply too much powder. Powder is best thing in your beauty arsenal but its incorrect use makes you a fashion faux pas. Powders give you matt look and are the best beauty ingredient for keeping foundations stick to your face for longer duration.

What to do?

If you have normal to oily skin, apply powder with brush. Firstly, take powder and brush it off then apply it wherever you desire. Powders are best at your t-zone area (nose, cheek and forehead). If you have dry skin, do not apply powder all over your face. Instead try its thin layering. Rather using brush, prefer flat powder puff on your face.

4 Mistake: spider lashes

Rule: If you have 3 months older mascara, remove it from your make-up box.

What to do?

If you want to apply two coat of mascara, apply just after the first coat dries. To give your eyes a natural look, don’t forget to take off those extra mascaras on your brush.

5 Mistake: Excess dark eye brows

Rule: If you have light brows, the eyebrow pencils will be best for you. Fill the lighter areas with the darkening pencil.

What to do?

Use matt shades of eye shadow or brow powder to give glamorous and natural look to your eyebrows. For lighter eyebrows, apply 2 shades of shadow powder.

6 Mistake: Wrong foundation shade

Rule: Foundation is used to glorify your complexion. Prefer foundation shades that blends well with your skin.

What to do?

 Rather tasting foundation on your wrist, check it on your jaw-line and see your face in bright light. If it looks natural, buy it.

7 Mistake: Make-up on dry skin

Rule: Before applying make-up, it’s very necessary to revive your skin texture as foundation on dry and dull skins appears very dull and dry.

What to do?

To get rid of dry skin, exfoliate it. Apply heavy duty moisturizer. Exfoliate your skin once in a week.

8 Mistake: Applying too much blusher

Rule: Too much blush is another big beauty pet peeve of yours. Try to apply light blusher at first. If you want, give 2-3 strokes after that.

What to do?

 Choose 1-2 shade darker blusher from your skin tone. If you have medium tone skin, apply light pink or medium coral shade blush.  Pale pink will be a better selection.

9 Mistake: lipstick stain on your teeth   

Rule: After applying lipstick check yourself in mirror and clean your teeth with the help of your fingers.

What to do?

Always apply lipstick with the help of brush. Now clean your teeth with the help of tissue paper.

Courtesy: Sakhi (Illa Shrivastava)