Here, we bring you the best 10 food items which can repair your hair:

Milk, cheese and yoghurt

These are considered as the main sources of protein which can prevent hair loss and keep it moisture.



Lentils contain higher level of protein. It can reduce hair fall and your weight. 


Sea food


Sea food contains Iodine. Sea food such as salmon can help you boosting hair growth.

Egg yolks

Eggs contain proteins. Egg yolks helps in repairing damaged hair.

Dry fruits like raisins and prunes

Raisins and prunes have high nutritional value of protein. Dry fruits like raisins and prunes can help grow hair.


Citric fruits (oranges,lemon and kiwi)

All citric fruits contains vitamin C which prevents hair loss.

Green leafy vegetables (broccoli,cabbage,spinach)

Adding green leafy vegetables in diet prevents hair loss.

Red meat

Red meat is a good source protein and it has higher quantity of iron. Taking two pieces of red meat can help you in regenerating your hair.

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Pumpkin and sunflower are rich in protein and zinc which can strengthens your hair roots.


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