Recent trends show that tablets are a popular light wear device for business meetings. Then, there are big screen size smart phones available in the market; however, these are for regular multimedia enjoyment. There are software’s loaded in a smart phone, but how often do we really use it-even on the go. In the nutshell, we mean that for business purposes, there is only one fall back option- laptops or notebooksyet.

So, once again laptops are back in vogue and with a greater vengeance this time. Machine which aresturdy, rugged, durable, and flexible, are the most sought-after. Rugged laptops or industrial laptops are mean-machines, for business people who seek solid business hardware.

Best reasons to invest in a tough laptop

1.    Reduced Dependency on Cloud:
Are you an automobile manufacturing company? If you are, we understand your sensitivity to data security, fast data processing, and real-time data communication; from shop floor to the HQ. A package solution for all you requirements is an encrypted hard drive, remote desktop access, and m5VPro Intel processors.Rugged laptop users don’t even require confidential data stored on cloud (software).

2.    Easy Access: Are you a corporate supervisor?Do you seek durability, dependability, and low maintenance costin any new solution for the company? Rugged computers have multiple year warranties which mean good budgeting. The desk workforce will enjoy the Windows 10’ pro experience, delivering more productivity. Your old web applications can also be used on the new internet explorer, making it a smooth transition. Super connectivity or remote desktop access means no data-theft.

3.    Quick Mobilization: Do you have on-field job? Are you required to report to an emergency, or an event with records and facts? WiFi, Buetooth, 4G LTE, camera, GPS, packed in a Toughbook laptop is a dependable option for you. A fire accident can be monitored and communicated real-time. Rugged laptops are sturdy and can be carried by staff on-duty and in the thick of the action without worrying about damage to the laptop or tablet.

4.    Outdoor Activities: Are you working long days on-site? A rough working condition at an outdoor job site requires high level of endurance, for example at the mine blasting site. Tough laptops are dust proof. The machine is designed in way that it does not absorb heat and dust. A construction site supervisor need not worry about dust, light, heat stressing the machine with a rugged laptop in toe.

5.    Durability: Are you a professional on-the-go? The tough laptop will be able to wither the jerks and speed, without any damage. Its vibration resistance feature means that it is built for the road. It will not damage the keyboard or any internal components, even if you use it in a bumpy drive. It will be safe and functional. Water and moisture resistance feature also means that you can go more places. You can also use the tough laptop in an open field under direct sunlight; through an adjustable (high brightness) screen.

6.    Productive Economics: A tough laptop delivers customized battery for its users. The laptop will run continuously for 6-7 hours, without a charge. It has a second battery compartment in the keyboard to rely on. A tough notebook is also unbreakable. Even if not literally, it can stand a fall or drop of more than one meter.

Introduction to Panasonic CF-20

While we have introduced you to the basic characteristics of a rugged machine, there are even more features included in the Panasonic CF-20 Toughbook laptop. We chanced upon this exciting product, as it has an attractive design, style, color, and look. Panasonic Tough book business laptops in India are work friendly, hybrid detachable device, and has 10.1-inch screen size display. It is a computing device encased in aluminum chassis, and a silver plastic on the back of the screen. It has a second battery compartment in the keyboard too.
Yet, it is the different usage modes of Panasonic Toughbook laptops which make it unique. It is be used as a notebook, tablet, in convertible mode, presentation mode, handle mode, and yes there is special vehicle mode. Toughbook CF-20 has an in-built handle, making it easy to carry.