New Delhi: BJP leaders on Thursday met President Pratibha Patil to complain about "subversion" of Parliament over Lokpal issue and sought her intervention to re-convene the House to enable voting in Rajya Sabha on the crucial bill.

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BJP leaders led by L K Advani and party president Nitin Gadkari and leaders of opposition in both Houses Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj met President Pratibha Patil and handed over a memorandum to her, seeking the special Parliament session.

The party charged the government with "complete subversion of Indian Parliamentary institution" by not holding a vote in Rajya Sabha on the contentious Lokpal Bill.

"We have suggested to the President that as a part of Parliament, she should take the initiative and give a concrete suggestion for re-convening the Parliament session and hold voting which was postponed earlier for creation of a strong Lokpal," said BJP leader Arun Jaitley.

The President has said that she would examine various aspects on the matter before taking any action, he said.

"We have sought the President's intervention and expressed our complaint and dissatisfaction on the events that took place in Rajya Sabha on the night of December 29," Advani told reporters after meeting Patil.

The BJP memorandum states that "when such a breakdown of the constitutional machinery takes place, the President as a protector and guardian of Indian Constitution must act".

"The President could advise the government to re-convene the Session and immediately take a vote. The Government must be asked to explain the reasons why the House was disturbed through such contrived disturbances."

Earlier, Jaitley said the government had resorted to "contrived disturbances" in the house in order to prevent a vote on Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha.

The opposition had moved many amendments some of which were common amendments moved by several opposition parties, which infact constituted the majority in Rajya Sabha, he said.

These common amendments included that the investigating agency with Lokpal be made independent, and also process of appointment and removal of Lokpal be freed of government influence, he said.

"The government kept trying for the support of parties, when it was clear that the government did not have a majority it contrived disturbances, to avoid voting on the Bill," Jaitley charged, adding "it was an open secret that the government, for the first time in the history of Parliament, contrived disturbances to avoid a vote".

In its memorandum, the BJP stated that the government benches "engineered" disturbances, initially through a friendly party and subsequently by its own members and these disturbances were "contrived" to earn an adjournment so that a voting could be avoided.

"When Government disturbs proceedings and the House is adjourned, it sets a terrible precedent which would always be pointed out by potential disturbers. The legitimacy of the House to question such future disturbances is dented. The effort to avoid a vote through contrived disturbances is a clear subversion of parliamentary democracy. A government which avoids a vote has no moral authority to continue in office", the BJP memorandum states.