On the eighth birth anniversary of this social media, Jagran Post brings to you top ten interesting yet unknown facts about Twitter.

1. Twitter experiences more than 500 million tweets a day

2. In the first place, Twitter insisted to refer to ‘tweets’ as ‘status updates’

3. Twitters IPO was announced through a tweet

4. Katy Perry is the most followed Twitter account with more than 51 million followers

5. Users can check their first ever tweet by logging on: discover.twitter.com/first-tweet

6. Twitter in its 2013 April fool’s blog post announced that it will allow folks to pay for an extra character

7. Twitter hastag was actually created by a user

8. Ellen DeGeneres received most retweets in March this year

9. Ashton Kutcher was the first user to hit one million followers

10. The company has 2,300 full-time employees