New Delhi: The floods are wreaking havoc in Uttarakhand by claiming thousands of lives and causing heavy financial losses besides causing a major setback to the state’s tourism industry.  The last three years can perhaps be termed as year of floods when rains caused some of the worst disaster ever across the globe. The five continents had to bear the brunt of climatic imbalances caused due to the external interference in the nature’s cycle.

Top 10 Worst Floods (PICS)

Here is a brief account of the world’s top ten worst rains in last three years.

China: Heavy rains flooded China between May 2010 and August 2010, affecting more than 230 million people, with 15.2 million people evacuated and thousands dead.

Pakistan: On 26 July 2010, heavy monsoon rains flooded most parts of Pakistan claiming thousands of lives.

Colombia: The November 2010 Colombia floods and associated landslides claimed138 lives. Over 10 lakh people were left homeless.

Queensland: The 2010–2011 floods in Queensland are among the worst Australia has ever seen.

Brazil: The January 2011 floods in Brazil are considered the worst ever in the country's history. The floods had claimed over 700 lives and around 14,000 people were left homeless.

Thailand: The July 2011 floods in Thailand claimed thousands of lives and left many homeless.

Japan: In July 2012, heavy torrential rains caused floods in Japan, leaving 32 people dead or missing. Many people were left homeless.

Britain: The April 2012 floods in Great Britain claimed thousands of lives and caused heavy financial losses

India: The 2013 North India floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall wreaked havoc in the Uttarakhand. The floods left thousands of pilgrims dead, many are still stranded. The rescue operation is still in progress and the Army and security forces are putting all efforts to evacuate the victims.

Alberta: On 20 June 2013, widespread flooding in southern Alberta caused heavy damages. The water level of High River, Hollywood River and other rivers crossed the danger mark.

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