New Delhi: A top ULFA leader and an Indian journalist have been detained by authorities in Myanmar, Union Home Secretary R K Singh said on Sunday.

However, there was no information about the detention of ULFA's self-styled commander-in-chief Paresh Baruah as reported in some sections of media, Singh said.

 "We have information that Jivan Moran and an Indian journalist were detained in Myanmar. But we have no information about the detention of Paresh Baruah," he said.

Moran is the second-in-command of the hardline faction of the ULFA led by Baruah. The detained journalist works for a Guwahati-based daily newspaper and had travelled to Myanmar apparently to interview Baruah.

After their detention, the Myanmarese authorities gave the information to the Indian government, sources said.

The duo were reportedly detained in the eastern part of Myanmar bordering China. It is immediately not known under what circumstances they were detained.

Baruah reportedly has bases in Myanmar and visits China frequently.