Staggering under the pressure over the concerns that have become like an albatross, creating inconvenience to the government, it is now bogged down by another demand raked up by the opposition calling for the 2G spectrum scam to be addressed through a Joint Parliamentary Committee and dismissal of Central Vigilance Commissioner P J Thomas. The Parliament session is an expensive affair as it fritters huge amount of public money. It results in government chagrin if the opposition does not allow the normal functioning of the house to be carried out and this apprehension is looming large in the Parliament corridors for this budget session. The government is not unmindful of the pressure, and it is not oblivious of the fact that this time the opposition is not just habitually loquacious, but is articulating the pent up dissent of the people. Left red faced and speechless on account of the glaring discrepancies demonstrated not just in the 2G spectrum issue but also in a series of ethical cataclysms including the Adarsh Society Scam and the Commonwealth embezzlement, the government is not in a position to defend its stand.

By giving the impression that it is handcuffed and incapable of tracing the billions of black money stashed in foreign banks, it has made a great embarrassment to the national integrity on the international front. The Five Pronged Strategy that it formulated after a long persuasion and pressure from the opposition will not see the daylight unless sincere efforts are being taken towards its implementation. Its delinquency and unwillingness in taking any decisive step against the responsible people invited the Supreme Court’s ire. Its similar reluctance in taking action against the accused in the Nira Radia case, the Spectrum issue and the Commonwealth corruption scam clearly reveals its intentions. It is not hyperbole to say that the people of India voted a government to power which appears to be weak and inefficient too, further it is also proving to be iniquitous as the sole aim and objectivity of any government coming into power is meant for the welfare and development of the nation.