“But it's a tough job being both. In fact, I would prefer working in some other producer's film and having another actor in my production. That would be ideal for me," the 37-year-old said here on Tuesday at the merchandise launch for the film in collaboration with the Bewako of brand.

Abhay says being an actor and a producer gives one a chance to be more involved in all the processes but at the same time a producer has to sacrifice a lot.

"There are different responsibilities like marketing, budget, distribution and all. As an actor you try and stay in the loop regarding these aspects. But as a producer you have more control," said Abhay.

"You also sacrifice more as a producer, we take whatever we get in barter, we promote our film on any big platform possible. So, we can give more commitment as an actor and producer," he added.

‘One By Two’, which has been directed by Devika Bhagat, stars Abhay's girlfriend Preeti Desai in the lead.

The film will hit theatres on January 31.


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