Two more elections are set to be held in the next four years of BJP government in the state wherein seven members will be elected for the Upper House.

If the BJP shows some generosity towards Congress and gives away one seat in 2016 as well as 2018, the Opposition may stand some chance or else all 10 members will be from saffron camp in the Rajya Sabha.  

The biennial elections to the Rajya Sabha have been held recently for three seats. After the recently held polls, the BJP has six members and their tenure will end in 2018.

According to senior officials of the Assembly, 40.2 percent first priority votes will be required for ensuring victory of four candidates, while 50.2 percent of first priority votes will be required to send three MPs to the Rajya Sabha.

The BJP also enjoys support of four independent MLAs in the assembly, ensuring victory of its seven candidates.


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