New Delhi: Indian car companies seem to have failed to reciprocate their successes of past two years. The sales figures of car makers are not up to the expectations in current year. However, sales increased in last two months of the financial year.

With rising fuel prices and hike in excise duty, next financial year is expected to be challenging for the car companies. Specially, petrol car makers are expected to suffer the most.   

The biggest car maker of India, Maruti’s sales has increased by 3.3 percent in March but it has sold 11,33,695 units in the year which is 11 percent lesser than in 2010-11. Small car (Alto, Wagon R, Swift, Estillo) sales has dropped significantly. Swift, Estillo, Ritz sales increased by 22 percent in March.

Similarly, Hyundai Motor India’s sales have increased 6 percent in March 2012. The domestic sales of Hyundai have seen a growth of 21 percent but has seen disappointed in export market.

According to the experts from auto sector, despite showing good performance in March the next financial year will be challenging. Diesel cars have outgrown the sales numbers of petrol cars for the first time in current year. Hike in petrol price is responsible for the drop in petrol car sales figures. As well excise duty is hiked by the government, which has affected car prices in all variants. In such scenario any relief in excise duties may boost car sales figures.