Ranchi: In a novel move, Jharkhand Tourism Department (JTD) has planned to recruit the youths of Jonha province as tourist guides. JTD officials opine that Jonha province youths, who are well aware of the locations of Ranchi and adjoining areas, can play the role of tourist guides to the perfection.

To convert the plan into a reality, government has started the process to constitute a high-level committee. A similar plan to provide employment to youths had been launched in the tenure of former Secretary of JTD, Arun Kumar. Although few identified youths were given training, the project was left in abeyance.

Taking a lesson from the past experience, the government has decided to start a similar project. In one session, a batch of 20-25 students will get the training.

For the training, the tourism department will take the assistance of various organizations. For the training process, JTD has allocated a budget of Rs 50 lakh.

State Tourism Minister Vimla Pradhan said, “The training will provide employment opportunities to youths of the state.”