The application developer has tried to make the app simple to use, the user can transform their paper based medical records into electronic form simple by taking a picture of their record, adding doctor's name & relevant keywords and saving the records. The record is then saved on cloud and can be accessed even if the user changes their mobile phone. "Through Medzap we want to take forward the mission of 'Digital India' by promoting 'Digital Health'. Our vision is to take the product to rural areas where people usually face the problem of getting their prescriptions spoilt” says Amit, CEO of Medzap.

However mobile internet connectivity and poor camera quality of phones is challenge which we see. We have made Medzap with hope to improve lives. We plan to use the data that we collect on the app to help the user remain healthy and take precautions. This data will be used predict mass epidemics and caution the community to take precautionary measure. We also want to build a CRM for hospitals to help them interact with patients directly and improve their services.

In terms of competition there are similar apps but even Google drive and Dropbox are also our competitors. However Medzap has been built around a much focused use case of storing files on cloud. At Medzap the user just maintains their medical records on the cloud.

The app also interacts with the user to check about the user's well being and rate their experience at the respective hospital. The app was launched on Android on 15th November and will soon launch iOS app. You can download the Android app here Get Medzap.