Raipur, Jan 07 (Agencies): Doctors in a Chhattisgarh town removed a towel stuck inside a woman’s bowel after three years, her husband said on Friday.

Her husband, Nassibudin, said his wife had been in severe pain since the delivery three years back. He added that he had spent nearly Rs 100,000, most of it raised through loans, on taking his wife to several hospitals in Indian cities to get her treated.

The towel was taken out of 30-year-old Sabnam Praveen on Wednesday by a team of surgeons led by Neeraj Sindey of the Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) in Bilaspur town.  

Doctors at the CIMS told Nassibuddin that the towel had got stuck with the intestine and a part of it had rotted as well.  Sabnam now plans to file a case against a doctor of a mission hospital in Ambikapur town, headquarters of Surguja district, as she and her husband believe that the doctor had left the towel inside her when she delivered by the caesarean section in late 2007.

He said that in most places, doctors said that there may be a tumour in her stomach but the doctors at the CIMS confirmed that there was a towel inside on the basis of a series of tests.