Damascus:  Regime forces on Thursday pressed assaults on rebel zones around Syria, despite a UN Security Council statement urging both sides to implement "fully and immediately" envoy Kofi Annan's peace plan.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a 17-year-old boy was killed and dozens wounded in an army assault on the town of Sermin in the northwestern province of Idlib.
In the south, rebel fighters killed a soldier and wounded four others near the village of Saida in Daraa province, where Syria's year-old revolt against the regime erupted, it said.
The Britain-based Observatory also reported several people wounded as regime forces opened fire with heavy machineguns in the Arbaeen district of Hama city in central Syria.
The reports could not be confirmed due to restrictions on the movements of foreign media in the country.
The official media in Damascus, meanwhile, played up the lack of any threat or ultimatum in the unanimous but non-binding Security Council statement backing Annan's mission.
State news agency SANA noted that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had welcomed the measure, passed in New York on Wednesday, stressing "the document does not contain any ultimatums, threats or assertions who is guilty."
"No warnings or signals in the statement," the SANA report was headlined.
After intense negotiations between major UN powers, Russia and China signed up to the Western-drafted text which calls on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to work toward a cessation of hostilities and a democratic transition.
Russia and China have vetoed two Security Council resolutions on Syria that were backed by the United States and Europe, arguing they were unbalanced and aimed at regime change.
The statement, which carries less weight than a formal resolution, gives strong backing to a six-point plan that UN-Arab League envoy Annan put to Assad during talks in Damascus earlier this month.
On the rebel side, the Free Syrian Army has set up a military council to coordinate operations around Damascus, as it brings the year-old conflict to the capital, it announced in an online video.
"I, Colonel Khaled Mohammed al-Hammud, announce the creation of the military council for Damascus and the region that will be in charge of FSA operations in this region," an army deserter said in the video.
Monitors say more than 9,100 people have been killed in a revolt against Assad that started with peaceful protests before turning into an increasingly armed revolt, in the face of a brutal crackdown costing dozens of lives each day.