The design is quirky, it looks spacious enough to seat seven for those occasional jaunts, and appears to be brimming with tech. Of course, Toyota is still slightly cross about the diesel ban and has withheld future investments. However, here are five solid reasons why we think Toyota should bring in the Calya.

The dimensions are just right: The MPV measures 4,070mm in length, 1,655mm in width and 1,600mm in height. The wheelbase is a healthy 2,525mm. For the sake of comparison, the Mobilio measures 4,386 X 1,683 x 1,603mm. Toyota can reap further benefits if it manages to shave off 70mm from the length, making the Calya duck under the four-metre mark.

The engines are on hand: The Calya falls under Toyota's Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) class of vehicles, which consciously ditches bigger engines for smaller ones. For our market, the MPV can borrow the engines (both petrol and diesel) from the Etios sedan or the Liva hatchback -- which have proven to be efficient and reliable.

Open playing field: The sub Rs 10 lakh segment hasn't seen a lot of action in a long, long time. Other than the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, no other vehicle from any manufacturer has been able to leave a mark. The Mobilio and the even the Lodgy, for that matter, failed to set cash registers ringing.

Can't afford an Innova? Get a Calya: This might as well be the MPV's tagline if the company decides to launch it here. The Innova, which was originally meant to be an affordable MPV, has catapulted into a much more expensive, luxury-laden segment with the launch of the Innova Crysta. For those who think the sticker price is too high, or can't stand the long waiting period, the Calya can be a swell alternative.

The gap in the portfolio: Toyota has a healthy range of vehicles for the Indian market. You'll find a hatchback sharing space with an SUV that costs over five times as much. Go over the portfolio with a fine comb, however, and you'd spot an open slot around the Rs 8.0 lakh to Rs 10.0 lakh mark. There is no low-cost MPV to choose from. And, for a brand like Toyota that is known in India for MPVs such as the Qualis and the Innova, the Calya at a sub Rs 10 lakh price point is bound to click. Also, at that price, it will not only get lapped up by private buyers, but by fleet operators as well.

What do you think of the Calya? Should Toyota bring it to our shores to battle the Ertiga and the Mobilio? Sound off in the comments section below.