Bhopal: Tracing the whereabouts of Kashmiri youths studying in Barkataullah University of Bhopal has given several sleepless nights to the district police team. The Kashmiri students are not turning up at the police stations for verification process and whenever pressure is enforced on them in this context they opt for protests against the police team.

There are 9,500 Kashmiri students studying at Barakatullah University. Most of them are residing in rented houses located in the densely populated areas of the city. The house owners too are unwilling to provide the information about their tenants to the police team. As a result the entire exercise has placed the police team in the dock.

Around three months back, police team arrested Muzib, Shaukat Ahmed and Mehrazuddin. After interrogation it was revealed they were allegedly involved in the terror activities in Kashmir.

After the several rounds of interrogations, they were taken back by the Kashmir police to establish further links.

On last Saturday, two unidentified persons allegedly looted Rs 15 lakh cash from Andhra Bank near Saket Nagar, said the police.

After collecting the cash, the duo ran away from the spot on a two-wheeler of a bank official. The bank officials informed police about the incident, following which, senior police officials reached the spot to probe the incident.

One of the sketches prepared by the information passed on by bank staff has a sharp resemblance with Kashmiri youth Khurshid Ahmed, who had visited the Andhra Bank branch at the University premises a day after the loot incident to get his bank draft made. The bank staff handed him over to the police team.

The move has been strongly protested by Kashmiri youths present in the city. As per intelligence report, the Kashmiri students share good relation with local hardcore youths.

Commenting on the issue, Assistant Superintendent of Police Manohar Verma said the verification of all the students would be soon completed.