Lucknow: Don't be surprised if you see traffic policemen extending roses and eclairs to motorists jumping the red light or breaching other rules. The police have decided to embrace 'Gandhigiri'.

Lucknow's new Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Arvind Sen feels gandhigiri, on the lines of "Munna Bhai MBBS" Bollywood flick, is needed to restore sanity on roads.

Sen told that fines and penal action were having little effect to curb traffic violations. "We cut thousands of challan every day but situation remains the same," he said, pointing out that the new effort had embarrassed traffic violators, more so if they were with their families.

The drive has been set rolling on all major roads, traffic intersections and busy thoroughfares. "The idea is to make people see that they are the sufferers of traffic violations, with some paying with their precious life in the end," Sen said. The offer of a toffee to the son of an erring motorist on Tuesday had the desired effect.

Police here, on an average, hands out over a thousand tickets to traffic violators. The main violations involve jumping red light, bringing the car over the zebra line, driving while talking on mobile phone and driving without seat belt or helmet.