Garhwal:  The devotees after being stuck for hours resumed their pilgrimage after the Gangotri, Yamunotri and Badrinath Highways were cleared for traffic on Monday.

Landslides induced by the heavy rainfall on Sunday had blocked the highways.

While movement on Gangotri national highway was blocked for five hours, Yamunotri and Badrinath national highways were for three hours and two hours, respectively.

The blockade had left thousands of pilgrims stranded.

After the rainfall, the Gangotri highway was blocked near Nalupani. Similarly Therang and Sonagad were blocked due to landslides. Personnel of Bridge Roadway Organisation (BRO) rushed to the site and cleared the blockade after a 5 hours struggle.

However, heavy rainfall posed great difficulty for the BRO crew to clear the Yamunotri route.
Similarly, Badrinath National Highway was closed from 7 in the morning as landslide at Chattwapepal near Gaucher-Karnprayag blocked the route. BRO crew opened the route after two hours.